Joel Ashton

Joel has been designing and implementing gardens that work for both wildlife and people alike, for the last 15 years.


During this time, he has built up a varied portfolio of work; from postage stamp sized back gardens, to several acre mini nature reserves, focusing on re-wilding and natural planting schemes that nestle seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

With a lifetime spent observing the natural world, Joel is able to draw upon his extensive knowledge to incorporate habitats for creatures of all sizes.

From butterflies to birds and bees to bats, no animal will be left uncatered for.

If you require a fresh perspective on your own garden and would like Joel to help you design the perfect oasis for wildlife in your outdoor space, please get in touch.


When planning an area or habitats for wildlife, there are many things to consider:

Creating the perfect habitat for wildlife requires a broad knowledge of the natural world in order to cater for as many animals as possible.

If you have a good idea of what your outdoor space should look like, or the habitats it should include, but just need a little guidance on the setting out and implementation, Joel is here to offer advice at an hourly rate, as a more cost effective alternative to a full garden design.

Please get in touch at to find out more.